KNOWLES - CM receiver serie

Dimensions (mm):
Ø16.64 x 8.38
Non-contact headset receiverResists electro-static discharge to commercial aviation standards
Key features:
The CM Series delivers the benefits of balanced armature technology in a compact finished package. The CM is ideal for use in situations where a non-contacting headset is required, but signal voltage is limited – as is common for radios and wireless telephones. The CM also conserves battery power, and provides static shock protection for the user.

Balanced-armature, magnetic technology to give high efficiency, stability and reliability
High acoustic efficiency enables sufficient sound output even when limited power is available
In-built static protection
Lightweight, matt-black, plastic housing
Ergonomically designed with rounded edge to fit the concha
High-quality sound output
Tailored bandwidth for superb speech intelligibility
Reference Sensitivity @ 1kHz (dB SPL) Sensitivity @1st Peak (dB SPL) Port location DC Resistance (Ω) Impedance @ 500 Hz (Ω)
CM-23152-000 103.0 109.0 Face 69.0 150.0
CM-23299-000 103.0 109.0 Face 69.0 150.0
CM-28421-000 103.0 109.0 Face 100.0 360.0
CM-28431-000 103.0 109.0 Face 10.5 30.0
CM-28452-000 103.0 109.0 Face 100.0 360.0