KNOWLES - EH receiver serie

Dimensions (mm):
5.19 x 3.55 x 3.00
Standard ITE receiver EH is 2/3 around the size of ED speakers
Key features:
EH series speakers are approximately 2/3 the size of ED speakers and may be used for small radio communication earphones where ED size does not meet package requirements.

Balanced-armature, magnetic technology to give high efficiency, stability and reliability
High sensitivity
Various responses, including standard, damped and modified
Low distortion
Self-shielded for low magnetic radiation
Reference Sensitivity @ 1kHz (dB SPL) Sensitivity @1st Peak (dB SPL) Port location DC Resistance (Ω) Impedance @ 500 Hz (Ω)
EH-23030-000 100.0 117.0 12C 395.0 625.0
EH-23149-000 100.0 116.0 12C 68.0 101.0
EH-27479-000 100.0 112.5 12C 118.0 144.0