KNOWLES - FH receiver serie

Dimensions (mm):
5.09 x 2.80 x 2.59
Standard ITC receiver
Key features:
The FH speaker represents an unprecedented combination of ultra-compact size and high SPL output with efficiencies normally found only in much larger speakers.The FH speaker line brings true high-gain, high-output performance to earphone designs.

Undamped, screen damped, internally damped, and Ferrofluid ™ damped responses
Various port locations, coil impedances, damping options, termination configurations, and frequency responses available
Maximum SPL output of 123dB at resonance peak, 109dB at mid-band (500Hz)
Reference Sensitivity @ 1kHz (dB SPL) Sensitivity @1st Peak (dB SPL) Port location DC Resistance (Ω) Impedance @ 500 Hz (Ω)
FH-23371-000 100.0 113.0 12S 60.0 90.0
FH-23375-000 100.0 113.0 12S 240.0 335.0
FH-23377-000 100.0 113.0 12S 515.0 685.0
FH-23821-000 100.0 113.0 12S 125.0 174.0
FH-26553-000 100.0 113.0 12S 60.0 90.0