KNOWLES - HC receiver serie

Dimensions (mm):
5.16 x 3.51 x 3.00
High output voice optimized version Small size suitable for RIC applications
Best low frequency output for size
Key features:
Knowles balanced-armature, magnetic technology to give high efficiency, stability and reliability. HC Series provides increased low frequency dynamic range in a package size equal to FC.

High-output technology provides double (+3dB) the maximum acoustic output of existing Knowles FC Series speakers
Maximum output comparable to Knowles’ ED Series speaker in a package size only 68% as large!
Same size and dimensions as Knowles’ EH Series
Ideal for applications where small size and high output is required
Reference Sensitivity @ 1kHz (dB SPL) Sensitivity @1st Peak (dB SPL) Port location DC Resistance (Ω) Impedance @ 500 Hz (Ω)
HC-23761-000 101.0 107.0 12C 4.9 8.4
HC-23763-000 101.0 107.0 12C 11 5 20.0
HC-23764-000 101.0 107.0 12C 15.5 24.0