Shielded sensor
Fixed or vehicular applicationsEMI resistant conductive plastic shellChoice of EK & WP mic elements Customizable PCBA within housing
Key features:
Designed for ruggedized fixed position and mounted applications for outdoor sensor arrays
Available in Omni Directional
Waterproof options from 1m down to 20m (per IP67, IP68)
Conductive plastic shielding housing with shielded cable assembly
Available with extra high SPL circuit design
Custom PCBA options available within the housing cavity
Designed for EK, NR, GH and WP series elements
Reference IP Rating Element Directivity Boom Length Tip-ToTip (mm) Exit Wire Length (mm) Nominal Boom Dia. (mm) Microphone configuration
VWP-H-30109-000 3m WP-30113-P03 Omni-directional 21.0 12.7 211.0 3-WIRE
VEK-H-30320-000 1m EK-30436-P03 Omni-directional 21.0 12.7 211.0 3-WIRE
VEK-H-30108-000 1m EK-26899-P03 Omni-directional 21.0 12.7 211.0 3-WIRE