Boom microphone
Suitable for lightweight radio communications headsetsChoice of NR, WP or EK microphones Water resistant sintered metal grill
Key features:
Designed for headset customers who are looking for small footprint and lightweight platform with waterproofing to 1m (based on IP67 rating)
Plastic head design with metal flexible boom:
Available in 4.2mm down to 2.7mm diameter metal flexible boom
Security, Police, Fire dispatchers and other lightweight communication headsets:
SWAT, SRT, HRT, Bike Patrol, Motorcycle Patrol, Mounted and Marine Patrol, K9 Officer
Designed for the NR and WP elements, but can also accommodate EK and EA series
Reference IP Rating Element Directivity Boom Length Tip-ToTip (mm) Exit Wire Length (mm) Nominal Boom Dia. (mm) Microphone configuration
FB-DW-30294-000 3m WP-25993-D63 Noise Canceling 140.0 60.0 4.2 2-WIRE
FB-BW-30335-000 3m WP-25993-D63 Noise Canceling 160.0 60.0 2.7 2-WIRE
FB-DW-30296-000 3m WP-25993-000 Noise Canceling 140.0 60.0 4.2 3-WIRE
FB-DW-30293-000 IP54 NR-25994-D63 Noise Canceling 140.0 60.0 4.2 2-WIRE
FB-BW-30330-000 IP54 NR-25994-D63 Noise Canceling 160.0 60.0 2.7 2-WIRE
FB-DW-30295-000 IP54 NR-25994-000 Noise Canceling 160.0 60.0 4.2 3-WIRE