Building Hearing Aids Made Easy with Ezairo Preconfigured Suite (Pre Suite)

Newsletter March 15th, 2018:

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Building Hearing Aids Made Easy with Ezairo Preconfigured Suite (Pre Suite)




Building hearing aids has never been easier with the introduction of the Ezairo Preconfigured Suite (Pre Suite), a new development toolkit that includes wireless-enabled firmware with adaptive audio algorithms for the Ezairo 7150 SL hybrid module. Also included is Windows®-based software which acts as a complete end-to-end user interface for developing next-generation hearing aids, and a cross-platform Software Development Kit (SDK) for manufacturers to easily create fitting software and Bluetooth® low energy technology-enabled mobile applications.


Features of Ezairo Pre Suite:

  • Wireless-enabled firmware bundle includes 8 channels of Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC)
    • adaptive noise reduction
    • support for directional microphones
    • acoustic feedback cancellation
    • environmental classification
  • Software application includes
    • transducer modeling and calibration
    • parameter control
    • live diagnostic tools that help fine-tune performance and optimize audio quality
  • Cross-platform SDK supports Windows and mobile platforms, including both iOS® and Android®, enabling wireless fitting over Bluetooth® low energy technology


5 Steps to Building Wireless-Enabled Hearing Aids Using the Ezairo® Preconfigured Suite (Pre Suite)


This video shows how building wireless enabled hearing aids is easy with the Ezairo Preconfigured Suite. It goes through 5 easy steps to creating functional wireless hearing aids.


Samples, production quantity and evaluation kits are available at Seltech.


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