Come and Meet SELTECH and their partners at EUHA 2018 in Hannover

Newsletter September 4th, 2018:*








Meet SELTECH and their partners during EUHA 2018 in Hannover 17th - 19th of October

SELTECH will attend the 2018 EUHA fair – the specialized association for Hearing Aid acousticians – and we hope to see you there!

Experts, Product managers and field sales engineers from our partners will also be available at the fair to answer your questions.  Here are more details of our partners:



Logo Knowles




Knowles Corporation, market leader and global manufacturer of micro acoustic and specialty components such as balanced armature receivers, RIC modules, and electret/MEMS microphones for Hearing Aids. Meeting rooms 103, 104 and 105 at the Convention center / Saalebene. Meetings by appointment only.


Logo ON






ON Semiconductor is a pioneer in the development of miniaturized packaging solutions for the medical microelectronics industry. The company offers an array of technologies for medical applications where size, performance, and system integration are critical. ON Semiconductor has proven leadership in this field, addressing the highly space-constrained requirements of Hearing Aid manufacturers for over four decades. Their DSP system range enables manufacturers to build hearing aids with high precision sound. Hall 6, booth #B54.


Logo Seltech




SELTECH offers value-added services including application support, customization and large stock availability of Knowles balanced armature receivers and microphones as well as ON Semiconductor DSP systems for medical and hearing aids devices.






Europlasma develops and markets nano-coating processes and the inherent equipment. A global leader in low pressure plasma technology, Europlasma's Nanofics™ suite of innovative ultra-thin coatings solves water submersion, sweat damage, as well as adhesion problems for manufacturing in an environmentally friendly process. Sweat protection is the perfect solution for exposed devices such as hearing aids.


Seltech, your “one-stop-shop” for hearing aids components & solutions.



Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a meeting.