Discover Seltech's smallest rectangular speaker 8x15x2.5mm called CR1508S025YN6

Newsletter April 26th, 2018:

Discover Seltech's smallest rectangular speaker 8x15x2.5mm called CR1508S025YN6


Seltech releases a new rectangular micro-size speaker whose thickness is only 2.5 mm. It is the smallest dynamic speaker of our portfolio dedicated to tiny applications such as wearables & IoT devices.




Key features:

  • High efficiency versus size ratio
  • Small & versatile: designed for both front and side-firing applications
  • Side-porting technology for optimized space utilization and back volume design
  • Metal casing for mechanical robustness and easy handling
  • Solder pads for custom wiring and flexible connection



  • Impedance:                                  6 Ohms
  • Sensitivity:                                    70 dB (1W/1m)
  • Resonance frequency:              900 Hz
  • Resonance frequency:              900 Hz in 1ccm box
  • Frequency range:                       Fo – 20000 Hz
  • Max sine power:                         0.5 W


It has been designed for:


  • wearable applications such as connected watches, smart glasses; personal health monitoring devices etc.


NL Pic A


  • IoT miniature design devices in various business environment such as healthcare, automation, appliances, security, remotes, industrial, infrastructure
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With 29+ years of expertise in acoustics, we can support you to get optimized audio performance for your application.

Seltech offers also complete acoustic support including mechanical design analysis as well as standard and customized speaker box design.


To get its data-sheet, samples or a complete speaker box based on this speaker, please contact us


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About Seltech:

With 29+ years of experience, Seltech is a specialized international distributor and an added value solution provider with a wide portfolio of acoustic, capacitive sensing and RF products. With offices in France, Germany, China, Singapore and the United States, Seltech provides best-in-class support from design to production, helping its customers reduce time to market and overall costs. For more information, visit