KNOWLES - MQM microphones serie

Dimensions (mm)
3.35 x 2.50 x 0.96
The MQM is the smallest and most production friendly hearing instrument microphone offered. Utilizing Knowles MEMS technology, the MQM allows for efficient reflow soldering assembly. The MQM offers unmatched performance in reliability and environmental stability. The MQM also offers best in class vibration sensitivity performance. It is ideal for matched omni-directional pair applications as well as applications where the smallest possible size is required.
Features : :
o Silicon based MEMS
o Reflow soldering compatible
o Low vibration sensitivity
o Bottom port PCB mount or traditional tubed options
o Smallest MEMs hearing instrument microphone available
Model Dimensions (mm) Sensitivity (dB re 1V/0.1Pa @ 1 kHz) Port location Response Directivity Noise max
MQM-32325-000 3.35 x 2.50 x 0.96 -58.5 12JPN Std Omni-directional 30.0