Low power, high resolution rotary encoder fusion sensor IQS624 from Azoteq

Newsletter November 30th, 2017:  

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Azoteq just released its new IQS624.



The IQS624 is a DFN (3x3)-10 package chipset that includes not only a high resolution, low power HALL rotation sensor for the consumer electronics industry, but also two additional sensor technologies: capacitive sensing for touch and proximity and inductive sensing.

The HALL rotation sensor calculated the angle of a magnet placed in close proximity with the sensor in a low profile integration with no wear and tear and life calibration.

The inductive sensing detection metallic object while capacitive sensing can be used for human touch and proximity detection.

 This combination of sensors gives lots of flexibility for the features these sensors can be used for – for example:

  • 2 touch channels for wear detect and a touch key, or a 2-channel swipe (with external MCU code available)
  • 1 touch channel and 1 inductive channel for 1 touch key and 1 inductive switch

 This rotary encoder integration allows for a robust housing design with the electronics remaining in the casing of the application while all mechanical parts (dial, push switch) can be placed on the outside, providing waterproof and dust resistance.

 Using an intelligent power mode switching when not using HALL rotation encoder, the low power consumption of this chipset opens up various applications in consumer electronics where dial / rotary are still needed: mouse wheel, knobs, thermostats, digital angle gauge, etc.

  • 240 uA (100 Hz response, Hall)
  • 65 uA (20 Hz response, Hall)
  • 5 uA (5 Hz response, Capacitive)

This video shows the ease of integration and feature set IQS624 offers.
IQS624 samples, production quantity and evaluation kits are available at Seltech.

 If you are interested in this product or you need more information, please do not hesitate to ask your Seltech contact or to contact us at seltech@seltech-international.com.


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