The new LoRa module from Ethertronics with active impedance matching for IoT & M2M applications is now available at Seltech

Newsletter November 22nd, 2017:










Paris, November 22nd , 2017 SELTECH is proud to announce that Ethertronics now has their own module for LoRa 868/915MHz whose part number is ETH-LORA-M-AX-0110.

The main features of this active LoRa module are:

  • Active impedance matching to maximize the antenna performance and link budget
  • Support Ethertronics Active Steering Antenna generates multiple radiation patterns to provide better coverage
  • Low Power consumption – 2-10 years battery lifetime ( depends the applications)
  • Ultra-long range and performance - >15km/ 9mi range
  • Low cost – reduce extra front-end or sensor, support SPI/UART or I2C interface

Seeing IoT market is growing and has high potential in the future, Ethertronics plays the world class leader in ultra-high performance smart antenna system and decided to develop its own LoRa module to fulfill the needs of this market for Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN). This module enables active matching impedance, has the capability to allow maximum power transfer between the radio and antenna.

Samples of this active LoRa module are now available and MP is planned Q3, 2017.


Besides, this module supports Ethertronics’ Active Steering antenna ETH-B2-01-ASA to achieve both active impedance matching plus multiple radiation pattern delivers ultra-long range, low power and highly reliability. From antenna to the complete module, Ethertronics has the flexibility to control and to adjust the performance of this active LoRa system to overcome all the impact and interference from the environment.


  • This LoRa Module is also compatible with all types of passive antennas. Contact us if you need any passive LoRa antennas solutions.  


If you are interested in this product or you need more information, please do not hesitate to ask your Seltech contact or to contact us at


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