NFC antenna 13.56 MHz 1001389 & 1001391

NFC antenna 13.56 MHz 1001389 & 1001391
13.56 MHz
0-5mm reading distance
Dimensions (mm)
58 x 33 x 0.39
Key features
Standard NFC antenna
Product range
1001389 and 1001391: NFC embedded antenna – 13.56 MHz
The ferrite layer is applied on top of the FPC, backed up with a liner
RF mounting
Contact clips or pogopins need to be mounted on the PCB of the device, connected to the antenna matching network and EMC circuitry
Equivalent inductor
3.8 uH
Ohmic resistor
Return loss (DB)
< -10 dB
Feed point impedance
50Ω unbalanced after matching circuit definition, and known chip output impedance

EMC circuitry

Typical EMC circuitry is including C0=180pF and L0=560nH

Matching circuit

Typical Matching Circuit components need to be calculated based on chip output impedance, and topology

NFC Antenna located in back housing

not mounted in Handset, without Ferrite

Reading Distance 25mm

Antenna located in back housing

mounted in Handset, with Ferrite

Reading Distance 15mm