KNOWLES - 009P programming cables serie

Dimensions (mm)
50cm L, 75cm L, 150cm L, 200cm L, or 250cm L
Programming cables can be designed to suit standard or unique interfaces, including SMT socket styles.
Features :
• Industry standard micro-plug
• Gold plated contacts provide high durability
• High quality flexible cables
• High quality strain relief, test to 10,000 bends
• Optional color dot marking
• Choice of plug colors
• Choice of mini-DIN style
Model Dimensions (mm) Number of contacts Intel # Length of wires
009P-252476 50cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-00-13-02-05-1-1-00 50cm Length
009P-252477 50cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-00-36-07-05-1-1-00 50cm Length
009P-252482 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-00-13-02-20-2-2-03 200cm Length
009P-252483 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-00-36-07-20-2-2-04 200cm Length
009P-252485 200cm length 3 Contact 009P-3-3-00-36-07-20-1-1-06 200cm Length
009P-252486 200cm length 3 Contact 009P-3-3-00-13-02-20-1-1-05 200cm Length
009P-252535 150cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-02-13-02-15-1-1-00 150cm Length
009P-252536 150cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-02-36-07-15-1-1-00 150cm Length
009P-252609 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-4-07-25-00-20-1-1-00 200cm Length
009P-253097 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-4-00-36-07-20-1-4-00 200cm Length
009P-253098 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-4-00-13-02-20-1-3-00 200cm Length
009P-253100 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-00-13-02-20-2-2-00 200cm Length
009P-253101 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-00-36-07-20-2-2-00 200cm Length
009P-253102 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-09-36-07-20-1-1-00 200cm Length
009P-253103 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-09-13-07-20-1-1-00 200cm Length
009P-253131 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-00-36-07-20-1-2-00 200cm Length
009P-253132 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-00-13-02-20-2-1-00 200cm Length
009P-253136 150cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-10-13-02-15-1-1-00 150cm Length
009P-253137 150cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-10-36-07-15-1-1-00 150cm Length
009P-253149 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-4-03-13-07-20-1-3-00 200cm Length
009P-253150 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-4-03-36-07-20-1-4-00 200cm Length
009P-253152 250cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-00-13-02-25-2-2-00 250cm Length
009P-253156 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-00-25-07-15-1-1-00 150cm Length
009P-253159 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-14-00-36-07-20-1-1-00 200cm Length
009P-253160 200cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-14-00-13-07-20-1-1-00 200cm Length
009P-253161 200cm length 3 Contact 009P-3-14-03-13-07-20-1-3-00 200cm Length
009P-253162 200cm length 3 Contact 009P-3-14-03-36-07-20-1-4-00 200cm Length
009P-253219 250cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-4-00-13-07-25-2-2-00 250cm Length
009P-253220 250cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-4-00-36-07-25-2-2-00 250cm Length
009P-253226 250cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-14-00-25-07-25-1-1-00 250cm Length
009P-253252 50cm length 5 Contact 009P-5-4-01-36-07-05-1-4-00 50cm Length
009P-253253 50cm length 5 Contact 009P-5-4-01-13-07-05-1-3-00 50cm Length
009P-253254 50cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-4-00-36-07-05-1-4-00 50cm Length
009P-253255 50cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-4-00-13-07-05-1-3-00 50cm Length
009P-253303 75cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-00-13-02-075-2-2-00 75cm Length
009P-253304 75cm length 4 Contact 009P-4-3-00-36-07-075-2-2-00 75cm Length
009P-253305 50cm length 5 Contact 009P-5-14-01-36-07-05-1-4-00 50cm Length
009P-253306 50cm length 5 Contact 009P-5-14-01-13-07-05-1-3-00 50cm Length