KNOWLES - 9201 programming flex grip with socket cables serie

Dimensions (mm)
25mm L or 200mm L
Improved cable design features increased flexibility and contact durability.
Features :
• Compatible replacement parts for all current flex programming systems
• Improved design increases flexibility and reduces contact breaks
• Space saving solution: no socket in the hearing aid
• The battery and the battery door need not be removed during programming of the hearing aid
Model Dimensions (mm) Number of contacts Intel # Length of wires
9201-153260 25mm length 3 Pins 9201-3-1-25-1-S 25mm Flex Strip
9201-153294 25mm length 3 Pins 9201-3-2-25-1-S 25mm Flex Strip
9201-153295 200mm length 3 Pins 9201-3-0-210-1-S 210mm Flex Strip
9201-153296 25mm length 4 Pins 9201-4-3-25-1-S 25mm Flex Strip
9201-153297 200mm length 3 Pins 9201-3-0-210-2-S 210mm Flex Strip
9201-153416 25mm length 4 Pins 9201-4-3-25-1-02 (Beige Socket) 25mm Flex Strip
9201-153646 25mm length 3 Pins 9201-3-2-25-1-S 25mm Flex Strip