SELTECH, your one-stop-shop for Hearing Aid components

Newsletter September 6th, 2017:

Paris, September 1, 2017 SELTECH offers a complete range of component solutions for Hearing Aid & audiology devices thanks to its strong partnership with Knowles, ON Semiconductor and Europlasma.

All your Hearing Aid component needs in one place!

Hereafter, is the list of Hearing Aid components that SELTECH now proposes for your audiology product:

From Knowles:

  • Balanced armature receivers (also called speakers) or Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) modules
  • Microphones -- 2 or more used for directional processing to reduce background noise
  • Mechanical potentiometers for program volume control
  • Mechanical switches for program switching
  • Telecoils – detects electromagnetic fields & converts to electrical energy. Used with telephones, FM, inductive loop and public address systems


From On Semiconductor:

  • DSP systems in hybrid packaging or die
  • Respective software (speech processing algorithms)
  • Peripheral functions i.e. wireless enablement


From Europlasma:

  • Nano-coating protection against water and sweat (IPx5-7) ideal for small devices such as Hearing-Aids



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