KNOWLES - EM microphone serie

Dimensions (mm):
3.63 x 3.63 x 2.28
Popular & versatile omni electret Numerous responses & port locationsResponses available for inward pickup
Key features:
The EM is a popular, alternative omni-directional microphone.
The EM can also be used in directional applications as a matched omni-directional pair.

High resistance to mechanical shock
Improved RFI and EMI
Undamped, screen damped, and internally damped responses
Numerous port locations
Wide range of frequency responses
Reference Sensitivity @ 1kHz (dB re1V/0.1Pa DC Supply (V) Max. Amplifier Current Drain (uA) Typ. “A” Weighted Noise (1 kHz Equivalent SPL) Nominal Output Impedance (Ω) Comments
EM-23046-P16 -56.0 ±3 1.3 nom. 3.0 max 50.0 31.0 dB* 4400.0 3-Wire, 25.4mm Litz Wire
EM-23069-000 -56.0 ±4 1.3 nom. 3.0 max 50.0 33.0 dB* 4400.0 Tubeless
EM-30081-D65 -68.0 ±5 1.3 nom. 3.0 max 50.0 -98.0 dB* 4400.0 Standard Response