KNOWLES - EM microphone serie

Dimensions (mm):
3.63 x 3.63 x 2.28
Popular & versatile omni electret Numerous responses & port locationsResponses available for inward pickup
Key features:
The EM is a popular, alternative omni-directional microphone.
The EM can also be used in directional applications as a matched omni-directional pair.

High resistance to mechanical shock
Improved RFI and EMI
Undamped, screen damped, and internally damped responses
Numerous port locations
Wide range of frequency responses
Reference Sensitivity (dB re 1V/0.1Pa @ 1 kHz) DC Supply (V) Max. Amplifier Current Drain (uA) Maximum Noise (dB re 1V) A weighted Nominal Output Impedance (Ω) Comments
EM-23046-P16 -56.0 ±3 1.3 nom. 3.0 max 50.0 31.0 dB* 4400.0 3-Wire, 25.4mm Litz Wire
EM-23069-000 -56.0 ±4 1.3 nom. 3.0 max 50.0 33.0 dB* 4400.0 Tubeless
EM-30081-D65 -68.0 ±5 1.3 nom. 3.0 max 50.0 -98.0 dB* 4400.0 Standard Response