KNOWLES - 5100 passive series serie

Dimensions (mm)
1.2 D - 3.21 D x 4.94 L - 8.03 L
5100 series passive telecoils feature a polyurethane coating for optimum environmental protection as well as a vast array of electrical and mounting options to choose from.
Features : :
• Various electrical parameters available
• Various sizes available
• Solid or Litz wire leads
• Polyurethane coating on coil
• Radial or axial lead configuration
Model Dimensions (mm) DC Resistance (Ω) Inductance Intel # Mounting
5100-253144 2.16mm D x 6.40mm L 3350 Ohms 520mH PT-C-01-90-54-SIA Axial
5100-253450 2.00mm D x 6.00mm L 2300 Ohms 230mH PT-C-03-65-54-SIA Axial
5100-253630 2.20mm D x 5.08mm L 5400 Ohms 510mH PT-C-04-90-56-SIR Radial
5100-253326 2.29mm D x 6.50mm L 1365 Ohms 215mH PT-C-01-58-52-SIA Axial
5100-253460 1.78mm D x 7.90mm L 2200 Ohms 275mH PT-C-06-70-54-SIA Axial
5100-253662 2.15mm D x 4.94mm L 2850 Ohms 185mH PT-C-01-47-51-SIA Axial
5100-253335 1.20mm D x 6.60mm L 2200 Ohms 115mH PT-C-07-53-56-SNR Radial
5100-253471 1.78mm D x 7.90mm L 2600 Ohms 360mH PT-C-06-80-54-SIA Axial
5100-253685 1.90mm D x 5.82mm L 1800 Ohms 170mH PT-C-02-56-54-SNA Axial
5100-253336 1.20mm D x 6.80mm L 2200 Ohms 115mH PT-C-07-53-56-SNA Axial
5100-253472 1.94mm D x 6.35mm L 2200 Ohms 210mH PT-C-04-60-54-SIA Axial
5100-253687 1.78mm D x 7.90mm L 372 Ohms 31mH PT-C-02-24-51-SIA Axial
5100-253412 1.91mm D x 6.48mm L 1650 Ohms 175mH PT-C-Y11-56-54-SIA-01 Axial
5100-253523 2.29mm D x 6.53mm L 3350 Ohms 520mH PT-C-01-90-54-S-I-A-01 Axial
5100-253413 1.50mm D x 4.94mm L 2850 Ohms 185mH PT-C-08-62-56-SNR Radial
5100-253551 2.16mm D x 3.76mm L 4150 Ohms 300mH PT-C-D01-7200-56-SIP Pigtail
5100-253440 1.91mm D x 8.03mm L 2500 Ohms 336mH PT-C-06-77-54-SIA-01 Axial
5100-253553 1.50mm D x 4.94mm L 2850 Ohms 185mH PT-C-08-62-56-LIR Radial
5100-253441 3.21mm D x 3.57mm L 2150 Ohms 370mH PT-C-Y10-62-53H-SIP Pigtail
5100-253565 1.91mm D x 8.03mm L 2200 Ohms 275mH PT-C-06-70-54-SIA-01 Axial
5100-253444 2.29mm D x 8.89mm L 3700 Ohms 900mH PT-C-Y02-116-54-SIA Axial
5100-253573 1.78mm D x 7.90mm L 6770 Ohms 970mH PT-C-06-133-56-SIA Axial
5100-253445 2.15mm D x 5.28mm L 1800 Ohms 170mH PT-T-02-56-54-SIR-with case Radial
5100-253584 2.16mm D x 6.70mm L 385 Ohms 41mH PT-C-01-25-51-SIA Axial
5100-253447 2.18mm D x 6.63mm L 1765 Ohms 265mH PT-C-01-64-53-SIA Axial
5100-253604 2.80mm D x 6.40mm L 900 Ohms 142mH PT-C-01-47-51-SIA Axial