KNOWLES - RAB receiver serie

Dimensions (mm):
5.15 x 2.96 x 2.58
Small size suitable for RIC applications Value option for full range response
Key features:
Knowles series RAB produces a rich, full-range sound in a small physical size. Three sound profiles fulfill a wide range of earphone designs, including hybrids : 32063 with balanced sound,
32257 with warm, precise bass,
and 32033 with open vent for custom response tuning

Small size
Wideband output with 3 sound profiles
Model 32063 also suitable as midrange-tweeter in hybrid earphones
Reference Sensitivity @ 1kHz (dB SPL) Sensitivity @1st Peak (dB SPL) Port location DC Resistance (Ω) Impedance @ 500 Hz (Ω)
RAB-32033-000 106.0 114.0 12C 22.0 33.5
RAB-32063-000 103.5 114.0 12C 22.0 30.5
RAB-32257-000 105.5 115.0 12C 22.0 33.0