Panel mount waterproof sensor
Waterproof options from 1m to 20mExpanded dynamic rangeChoice of EK & WP mic elementsVariety of wire options including shielding
Key features:
Designed for ruggedized panel mounted applications for outdoor microphone and sensor applications
Available in Omni Directional
Waterproof options from 1m down to 20m (per IP67, IP68)
Designed for the EK, NR and WP elements series
Reference IP Rating Element Directivity Boom Length Tip-ToTip (mm) Exit Wire Length (mm) Nominal Boom Dia. (mm) Microphone configuration
VEK-F-30350-000 1m EK-23132-C36 Omni-directional 200.0 - 16.0 3-WIRE
VEK-F-30351-000 10m EK-23132-C36 Omni-directional 200.0 - 16.0 3-WIRE
VEK-F-30352-000 20m EK-23132-C36 Omni-directional 200.0 - 16.0 3-WIRE
VEK-F-30460-000 1m EK-23132-C36 Omni-directional 10.0 - 16.0 3-WIRE
VEK-F-30300-000 20m EK-23132-C36 Omni-directional 8.0 - 16.0 3-WIRE
VEK-F-30470-000 1m EK-26899-P58 Omni-directional 174 (Shielded) - 16.0 3-WIRE
VWP-F-30609-000 3m WP-30113-000 Omni-directional 100.0 - 16.0 4-WIRE
VWP-F-31161-000 3m WP-30113-000 Omni-directional 200.0 - 16.0 3-WIRE