KNOWLES - TP microphones serie

Dimensions (mm)
3.61 x 3.61 x 2.59
The uni-directional / omni-directional microphone pair module provides a space saving solution for directional applications. The module uses only two sound ports (versus three sound ports needed for traditional stand-alone omni-plus-directional mics), reducing mounting time and minimizing any acoustic tubing required. The pair also shares a common power and ground connection, requiring only four connecting lead wires (V+, Omni signal, Directional signal, Ground) as opposed to six lead wires needed for traditional uni-directional plus omni-directional microphone applications. Also available in the individual TD series uni-directional and TO series omni-directional microphones.
Features : :
• Only four lead wire connections needed• Improved RFI and EMI suppression
• Two port configuration
• Various port locations
• Custom tube diameters and lengths available
Model Dimensions (mm) Sensitivity (dB re 1V/0.1Pa @ 1 kHz) Port location Response Directivity Noise max
TP-24605-000 3.61 x 3.61 x 2.59 -56.5 12S/12K Std Uni-directional 29.0
TP-24612-000 3.61 x 3.61 x 2.59 -57.0 12B Std Uni-directional 29.0
TP-24617-000 3.61 x 3.61 x 2.59 -57.0 12S/9S Std Uni-directional 29.0
TP-24620-000 3.61 x 3.61 x 2.59 -56.0 3B/9S Std Uni-directional 29.0
TP-30004-000 3.61 x 3.61 x 2.59 -56.5 12S/12K Std Uni-directional 29.0