Knowles is the originator of the balanced armature technology which they apply to their receiver, specialty transducers and hearing-aid products. Knowles is also a market-leading manufacturer of MEMS microphones, electret microphones, voice processors and acoustical component accessories.



Azoteq is a fabless semiconductor company and world leader in capacitive proximity and touch solutions for user interfaces. Their new ProxFusion product line gathers various sensor technologies in one chipset including ambient light sensing, IR, inductive and Hall Effect.




On Semiconductor is a pioneer in the development of miniaturized packaging solutions for the medical microelectronics industry. They offer an array of technologies for medical applications where size, performance, and system integration are critical. They have proven leadership in this field, addressing the highly space-constrained requirements of Hearing Aid manufacturers.








Europlasma develops and markets nano-coating solutions against water and sweat (IPx4-7) as well as in-house nano-coating deposition equipment. Their innovative ultra-thin coating solutions based on low pressure plasma technology make Europlasma a global technology leader in their industry.




Tectonic Elements designs and manufactures high performance audio exciters and transducers. The “room-filling” sound of the audio exciters gives Tectonic Elements an edge in the precise world of audio.