Boom microphone
Ruggedized for military and civilian applicationsFully EMI shieldedChoice of NR, WP or EK microphonesVersions with depth ratings to 3m
Key features:
Designed for headset customers who are looking for a noise canceling non-power element in robust platform with waterproofing options from 1m down to 10m (based on IP67 rating)
Also available in Omni Directional
Plastic head design with metal flexible boom
Available in 5.9mm down to 4.2mm diameter metal flexible boom
Tactical, Security and Police and other radio communication headsets
Mounted and un-mounted ground forces, armor units
Designed for the BJ series elements
Reference IP Rating Element Directivity Boom Length Tip-ToTip (mm) Exit Wire Length (mm) Nominal Boom Dia. (mm) Microphone configuration
FB-EI-30026-000 1m BJ-28471-000 (150Ω Imp.) Noise Canceling 212.0 140.0 5.4 2-WIRE
FB-EI-30426-000 1m BJ-28486-000 (30Ω Imp.) Noise Canceling 212.0 140.0 5.4 2-WIRE